Anatoly S. Alekseev

Head of the Laboratory

Alekseev Anatoly Semyonovich
Full Professor,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

A.S. Alekseev (born October 12, 1928) graduated from the Leningrad University (mathematical-mechanical faculty) with specialization in Mechanics in 1952. He received his Doctorate of Science in 1955 and became Full Professor in 1966 (Geophysics). Prof. Alekseev's thesis was entitled "Direct and inverse problems of seismology". His scientific interests are concentrated on theoretical and computational geophysics.

Prof. Alekseev's main results are: ray method theory (1958); study of the problem of identification of explosions and earthquakes (1960-62); statement and solution of inverse dynamic problems of seismics (1962); solution of the two-dimensional inverse kinematic problem of seismics (1967); investigation of the nature of waves in geophysical seismic problems (1961); quantitative statement of combined inverse geophysical problems (1991).

A.S. Alekseev is a member of The American Mathematical Society and The European Association of Exploration Geophysicists, a member of the editorial board of the journals "Applied Mathematics Letters", "Computational and Applied Mathematics" and "Earthquake Prediction".

A.S. Alekseev has published about 240 research papers and books.

List of last publications

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