Oleg Monakhov

Dr.   Oleg G. MONAKHOV

Principal Scientist

Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics (until 01 Sep 1997 - Computing Center)

Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch

   Phone (Bureau) : +7 (383) 330 60 66

 Phone (Home) : +7 (383) 346 98 76

 Fax : +7 (3832) 330-87-83

 Address: pr. Lavrentieva, 6, Novosibirsk, 630090, RUSSIA 

    Parallel and distributed computing, metacomputing, grid, operating systems, environments and parallel programming languages for high-performance parallel and distributed computer  systems,  resource  management, load balancing, self-organizing algorithms, design and analysis  of  distributed  and  parallel  algorithms,  tools and  techniques for parallelizing scientific software,  scheduling  and mapping  of parallel programs into  parallel  computers,  parallel combinatorial  optimization  algorithms,  the  graph  and  network algorithms, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, genetic programming, metaheuristics, parallel architectures, interconnection networks, routing algorithms for parallel and distributed computer systems, visualization of algorithms and code generation based on multimedia specifications, discovery of scientific equations and algorithms, evolutionary synthesis of algorithms and inductive programming.


 Web and Java-based multimedia environment for investigation of mapping parallel algorithms: